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Rotozip Zip Saw

What’s New in Our Aisles:  Rotozip Zip Saw:


Hi Everyone, This is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man, with information on an exciting new product from Rotozip. 


Almost every week I get a customer asking if we have a saw blade to put on their 4 ½ inch angle grinder to cut wood.  The answer has always been no,  because the grinders’ speed and the blade guard are not designed for a saw blade. 


Now finally, Rotozip has introduced  the Rotozip Zip Saw. It’s a 4 inch saw that integrates the best features of an angle grinder and a flush cut saw into one tool. Rotozip optimized the ergonomics for cutting rather than grinding.


This unique design allows for straight cuts as well as curved and notched cuts. The  clear blade guard includes a built in dust control system, that greatly reduces air born dust and improves cutting visibility.


Rotozip has also designed unique new X Wheel blades for this saw. These blades allow the Rotozip Saw to cut wood, tile, or even metal. The new Rotozip Saw is available now on line or at your local Home Depot.  For more info, check out the attached link.















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Posted 2010-11-22T17:33:49+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC

Hi there Answer Man. I love it. I'm wondering though, can you really get a flush cut with the clear plastic part on it? Is that only for dust collection if needed, or is it there for protection, and thus needs to stay in place while used. Thanks!--Peter

Posted 2010-11-23T04:21:11+0000  by PMeans123

I have one of the Zip Saws and it has been great to do true flush cuts.  The clear cover is removable and I have removed the cover when performing a flush cut. 


As far as safety, I think that when you are flush cutting (when the clear cover is not on the tool) that the workpiece is touching the face of the black guard and sealing off the face of the guard and providing the protection that the clear cover would normally provide.  


Posted 2010-11-25T17:11:49+0000  by JDR
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