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Running phone line to an HDTV.

     I have a phone jack in my kitchen that's closest to my newish HDTV. I've been using a duplex-adapter and living with phone wire blue-taped down the front of my cabinet & across the floor into the living room TV.  I'd like to clean that up by running phone wire under the house and up the wall behind the TV. I can make a hole in that wall and with a long drill bit, I could drill down into the basement crawl space. But I don't know whether to run the phone wire from the phone company's house connection point or to drill behind that kitchen cabinet and run the phone wire from there (but this time invisibly, under the house).  Could you help me figure out the best way to do get my HDTV wired to my landline? Oh, I have only one landline and, with the required filters, it's used for phone and internet. 
Thank you very much. 
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Posted 2016-01-13T23:08:53+0000  by BNatalie BNatalie
The good news about running a phone line, unlike regular electrical wire, is there are not a lot of rules on how you do it.  Phone lines can generally be "daisy chained" or run from one point to the next, to the next, so you don't have to go back to the phone company box.  As you suggested, you can tie into the existing box, drill down through the floor, run it along the bottom of the joists in the crawl space, and then back up where you want it.  You can install nice looking wall plates pretty easily too to make the job look professional.

I'm not clear on why your TV needs (or wants) a telephone connection.  Most of the newer "smart" televisions, Blu-Ray players, and streaming boxes (e.g., Roku) require a computer network connection.  That's not the same thing as a phone line (even if your telephone company is your Internet service provider).  Often it's easier to create a wireless network (WiFi) than run network cables.

In any case, we can talk about your project in greater detail if you have more questions.

Posted 2016-01-14T10:41:35+0000  by Adam444

Hello BNatalie, 

Both Adam & Pat excellent suggestions, here is one more that doesn't involve drilling. Check out the TL-PA4010KIT AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit and watch the video on our website, it will explain how simple it is to add a phone line to any room without running a new wire. 

This might work for you, if not, you can always return it, then drill. 



Posted 2016-01-14T16:01:20+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hello BNatalie,

If you combine Adam's and Angelo's comments, what you get as a solution looks like a wireless ethernet connection between your DSL router and your television.  You will not be using telephone cable, but will need either CAT5a or CAT6 ethernet cables and ends.  This will look like a thicker version of phone wire, but has 8 internal wires rather than phone cable which uses either 2 or 4 wires.

No drilling or running wires under the house or through walls is required.
You only will need a cable from your router and the nearest electrical plug where the NANO adapter sits, and one other from the other NANO to your television.  No additional filters will be needed, as you are not tying into your phone line at all.  Great solution!


Posted 2016-01-15T14:12:17+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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