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Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transforma​tions Color Help

I bought a kit to do my bathroom cabinets and had it tinted to Espresso after viewing a sample of this on a door in a HD store. I had a small table that I also wanted to change from a light color to dark so I thought I would start with that to make sure the color was right before I did the whole bathroom. Well, after getting the bond coat on the table top, the color seems darker than I want and I think Chocolate (or even Cocoa) may have been a better choice.


How do I fix this? Can what I have be re-tinted, can I just buy new bond coat, or do I have to buy a whole new kit? Then to apply the lighter color, can I apply it over the Espresso color or do I need to remove it first?


Please advise.


The only complaint I have so far is how hard it is to make a good color choice without having a way to see if the color will work in the room before purchasing a whole kit. The little color samples in the brochure are not enough to make good decision the first time.

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Posted 2012-01-12T14:31:01+0000  by ArkieAZ ArkieAZ

Hello ArkieAZ


Have no fear ThePaintAvenger is here. I’m sorry to hear about this problem. We appreciate the suggestions on the swatches I’ll make sure to pass along better color swatches in the store. You can sand the Bond coat or prime over it and start again. As far as buying another bond coat unfortunately it’s not sold separately you would have to buy another kit. Sorry there’s really no way around itL.Once you’ve sanded or primed you can continue as usual. Hope everything works out for you. Any other questions please feel free.



Posted 2012-01-12T19:44:08+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS




I am assuming that you did not use much of the bond coat and that you want to try to re-tint what remains. In my opinion, it can be re-tinted to an approximation of the lighter colors. However, there is a lot of lamp black in the espresso which cannot be totally overcome. The Cocoa has the best chance of being lightened to your liking. Cocoa adds additional amounts of the tints already in it plus white. I personally doen't like the real dark colors as the glaze gets lost over the dark background.


I have voiced my opinion about the lack of actually color samples of this product. Printed material rarely gives and valid portrayal of color. Indeed, the product is sold without even a factory supplied example of the actual finish! For $75, the customer has a right to expect more.


Having talked with RustOleum, I was assured that actual samples are being worked on, but the time frame in which they will reach the stores was not known.



Posted 2012-01-13T04:20:26+0000  by ordjen



Thanks for the glimmer of hope. You are right, I hadn't used much of the bond coat yet.  Definitely glad I tried it on the table first to get the right color before doing a cabinet. I think I'm going to take it into my favorite paint guy at HD and see if he will work with me on trying to retint it. At this point I don't have anything to lose but a little time. I hadn't planned on using the glaze anyway, so that isn't a factor for me. I'll try to remember to post the outcome.

Posted 2012-01-13T07:51:34+0000  by ArkieAZ
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