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Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Color question

I've been watching and reading all the comments from users of this product for quite a while now.  I was thinking this could be a viable option when we began remodeling our bathrooms.  Well, that day has come and I've been pondering color choices for over three weeks now. 


I originally thought I'd go with Espresso since the majority of people on this forum have been pleased with the results.  My only concern is that some feel it's too dark.  Looking at the brochure, I'm leaning toward Chocolate or maybe Potter's Wheel (I have a very beige/taupe light tile ....definitely strong on taupe color with hints of a pale brown). 


When I'm at the store looking at the colors on the box, Cocoa, Chocolate and even Winter Fog seem like good options.


As you can probably tell, I'm completely confused as to which color to pick.  I just don't want to invest all the time that this apparently takes and not like the color. 


So, I have two questions.  Have samples been developed that perhaps are at larger Home Depot stores?  I'm willing to travel a few miles to see actual samples of the colors.  And...can someone tell me what color is posted at the top of Paint Pro's response in message 153.



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Posted 2012-05-01T13:11:04+0000  by JulesB JulesB

Hello Jules!


Glad to learn you're considering Cabinet Transformations for your remodel ... what a great way to create "new" space.


When I undertake a project like yours, I always look forward to that new look and feel ... like I'm in a new room!


The color at the top on #153 is Rustic.


And at this writing, we do not yet have anything other than online and printed samples on the box top.


When I assist customers with color selection, I carefully listen and then develop a concept around what they say.


In your dialogue here, you've mentioned Chocolate twice and you've mentioned colors on either side of Chocolate.


What this leads me to believe is you're leaning favorably toward Chocolate ... Hey I mentioned it three times?!?


The strong taupe color with hints of pale brown as well as the beige/taupe tile would likely support this color well.


As for your concern that "some feel it's too dark," I like a strong contrast to at least one aspect of the room!


My concern is who exactly "some" are?


If this is someone that lives in the space, consider backing down only slightly from Chocolate to accomodate their concern. But if this is an occasional visitor, rely upon your first instincts ... you'll see the space most often, so make yourself happy.


Either way, once you choose take time to come back and share both your decision and your results.


I can hardly wait to hear what you decide!!!

Posted 2012-05-01T16:57:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello Jules B and welcome to the community. Have no fear ThePaintAvenger is here. Now there was talk that Rust-oleum was going to send samples to the stores. I live in the east coast and I have yet to see them in my store. I will say this you are on the right track, I watch HGTV the color combinations that you have mentioned work great together. Remember brown is the new black. The color brown and its lighter cousins in tan, taupe, beige, or cream make excellent backgrounds helping accompanying colors appear richer, brighter. Use brown to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall and winter color. It is more casual than black. I’m sure when you are done its going to look great. For example this is what I’ve seen on HGTV





I think you are going to be just fine with whatever brown you choose. Well pat in paint has answered your paint pro color question good find pat in paint. I would love to see some pictures of your project when you’re done.

Posted 2012-05-01T18:47:40+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS



Oh my are like a mind reader.  You are so right...I am leaning heavily toward Chocolate now...just never originally had that color as even a possibility so it's been a bit of a mind-shift for me.  My biggest concern with any of the darker colors, including chocolate, is making sure the grain comes through.  I don't want the finished cabinet to look like a solid color, but from what I've read on the forum, it seems that using the decorative glaze brings out the look of grain that I want.


My concern about using Espresso came from comments on this forum...not from anyone in my home.  Noone here really has an opinion ;) 


That's a great point about having a strong contrast in one apect of the room.  Hmmm...If I added to my first post that I was doing all this remodeling to update my home to sell it in a year or so...would that change the color you suggested?  I've just finished having the new tile laid and am in the process of painting the walls and updating to brushed nickel fixtures.  So I want to pick a color that is somewhat trendy that will really grab attention to home buyers.  So, are you still thinking Chocolate is my best bet?  I'm thinking I'll do the same color for both bathrooms since they both have identical tile. 


Thanks again for your help! 



Posted 2012-05-01T18:48:23+0000  by JulesB

The Paint Avenger,


Thank you for your input too!  WOW! Those bathrooms look great and are definitely close in color to my tile and cabinet tops.  I think you sold me on the color chocolate! 


Thanks for your help!  I will be sure to post photos when I finish this project...stay tuned....

Posted 2012-05-01T18:53:16+0000  by JulesB

Hello Again Jules,


Thanks for the follow-up questions!


The fact that you may sell in a year or so actually makes me even more certain that your design will work ... particularly if you carry it through to your other rooms. Continuity of design will always help sell a home!


The fresh, clean look you'll create using this color scheme will actually WOW most of your prospects ... those that are not WOWed were not good prospects anyway.


In the interim, develop an overall look that is pleasing to you!


NOTE: ThePaintAvenger's vanity images really demand your attention!!! That is exactly what you should expect in your space.

Posted 2012-05-03T12:41:02+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello Jules b


You are quite welcome.I am glad that Pat In Paint and I could be of help. We will stay tuned for photos looking forward to it :)

Posted 2012-05-03T15:30:31+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS
Soheil has a keen eye for both color and design, JulesB.

Thanks for sharing your project on The Community!
Posted 2015-11-19T21:41:12+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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