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Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Question


Here is a question from one of our community members.


we recently purchased the Cabinet Transformations kit. We have laminate cabinets. We deglossed, made sure everything was dry, put on the first coat of tint, waited at least and hour and put on the second, waited another hour put a third coat, we good the Cabarnet, wanted a very deep cherry color. also just rubbing your fingers across it, the finish turned chalky, white looking. Waited 5-6 hours, put on the glaze and wiped it off. The edges showed through around the design in the center of the cabinet, also my wife accidentally scratched the front with her ring or fingernail and the color came off down to the original color. did we do something wrong, can the product not be used on laminate? should we prime it first maybe? we got it just to try before purchasing new cabinets. Love the color, but afraid it is not adhering. dont want to do all of the cabinets and when we go to clean them the finish will come off. a response would be greatly appreciated.


thank you




Welcome to our community Scott!


 Thank you for your question! While this product is great for laminate, the drying time is a little bit different because it is laminate. I talked with another community member about your problem, and we both agreed that you need to be patient when working with this product. Since laminate is not real wood, the product is not soaking into anything, it is just sitting on top. Since this is the case, you actually need to wait much longer in between coats, ideally 24 hours. If you don't wait long enough, the coat that you applied beforehand will reactivate or rewet.


As for the scratches, this will not be an issue once you have applied the clear top coat. This top coat is extremely durable.


I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions!



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Posted 2013-02-25T16:19:58+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL Christine_HD_ATL


The confusion is between "dry" time and "cure" time. Acrylic paints will dry to the touch very rapidly, but the full cure time can be as much as a month. Most acrylics, if put upon a slick surface, will scratch off easily after an hour or so, but several days later will be difficult to scratch.


The chaulky, white scuffs observed are common to most flat paints, and more obvious with very dark colors It is called burnishing. As Christine stated, the gloss clear coat will prevent this.


Whenever I have customers choosing such dark colors for walls, where people will scuff up against the surface, I always advise at least an eggshell finish. More sheen reduces the burnishing effect and is generally also makes the paint easier to wash.

Posted 2013-03-19T00:07:53+0000  by ordjen

I too have a question regarding the kit. I bought a small kit to try on a section of our kitchen. We have 36 doors and 17 drawers, so its a really big undertaking as far as man hours go. I am using the plain white color and was advised to use cover stain as a primer. I tried the glaze after the 2 coats of bond dried and didnt like the look at all. I prefer it cleaner looking. My questions are this.


1. So far out of the kit I have used a little bit of the bond coat and a little bit of the clear coat which I was not impressed with as far as sealing strength goes. I have completed a small section of cabinets that are off on their own and I am working on the primer coat for everything else. I cant help but think im paying $75 for 2 quarts of bond coating since I didnt use the deglosser, glaze, towels, scrub pads ect? Before I begin my finish coats on the rest of the kitchen is there something else I can use over top of the oil primer as a quality finish coat? Im concerned i dont have enough of the bond coat to finish the kitchen and I cant stomach spending $75 on two more quarts of paint? Is the bond coat specially designed to work with the zinssers cover stain? Can I use that glidden porch paint over top of the zinserrs? I didnt sand the cabinets or degloss them as the rustoleum rep said the primer took the place of the deglossing/sanding. So im thinking maybe I should just buy a gallon of paint to do the topcoats of the cabinets,doors ect?


2. Im not overly impressed with the hardness of the topcoat. Can you reccomend something that will give a more durable and glossy finish to the cabinets. Keeping in mind I used an oil primer and or have to finish coat it with oil or latex?


Confusing I know. But im starting to think that, why a great idea in concept, that perhaps the kit wasnt the best option for me and that since our kitchen is so big maybe I should go with a bigger quantity of quality products to finish the project?


Thank you very much!!

Posted 2013-10-15T17:27:16+0000  by jonnycage

Hello jonnycage!


In response to a similar question, I wrote "Cabinet Refinishing Doesn't Have To Be That Difficult!!!"


Click the link to jump to that thread.


Once there, take a close look at Glidden Porch and Floor Gloss Oil Polyurethane.


This product is exactly what you describe:

1) Goes easily over oil primer;

2) Gloss Oil Polyurethane is self-leveling and makes a beautiful finish; and

3) Is very durable.

Posted 2013-10-15T18:37:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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