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RustOleum Cabinet Transformation: Can I start over after applying bonding coat?

I have one kitchen cabinet door I'm using as my test subject. I cleaned it with a degreasing product, then deglossed. Surface still looked a bit "glossy," so did the deglossing again. Surface was still somewhat shiny but not as shiny as other kitchen cabinets, so I proceeded with the bond coat (Espresso). Having done all that, I then found this forum and, based on what I read here, I think I should have sanded the door before deglossing. Presuming that is the case and that, as a result, my unfortunate test subject door will start to flake, chip, peel or otherwise disintegrate, can I start all over on my test door? If so, would the appropriate steps be: sand the now bond-coated surface, degloss, maybe degloss again, then reapply bond coat? Appreciate any guidance you may be able to give. Cabinets are heavily-grained oak with (I suspect) polyurethane coating.
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Posted 2013-08-18T14:48:50+0000  by Sherman1610 Sherman1610

   Some existing finishes may consist of a high quality industrial coating like lacquer that may need a little help with the deglossing stage.  Lightly sanding before wiping the deglosser is the solution for this.  


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   You should not have any adverse effects on the door that you've already base coated - so I would just leave it.  This product is specially strong when the clear top coat is applied. Also, because this is a latex product (water based) it may take several days to cure or harden.

Posted 2013-08-18T16:07:09+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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