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Rustoleum Cabinet Kit Question 2 kit combination, varity of woods to paint



I have been working my project for about 3 weeks now, but have not started the kits yet.  I hope to get a little more information before plunging into this project.  I currently have builder grade cabinets and an island made of the same.  I have covered my outdated fridge with wood to give my fridge a custom cabinet cover look, I also pulled the above cabinets forward and added plywood down the side of fridge to make it built-in.  The other things i have done (or at least I am almost done with) is  I removed my above the stove microwave and replaced it with a very cheap (35 dollar) hood vent, that I am now covering in wood (of course I'm keeping it vented too) but this too will look like a custom hood.  We are also adding crown molding to the tops and this is white already.


I have one light kit (orginally this was quilters white, then had HD reformulate darker with a similar darkness of  river birch) I plan to use this color on the front of fridge and follow color through the top cabinets (except for the wooden hood above stove)


Then I have one dark color kit in Expresso that I am going to use for the bottom cabinets, the island and the wooden hood above the stove.


So here are my questions :)

 I currently have used a wood filler and still need to sand all my new wood additions.  I am going to use a tinted KILZ primer on the bare wood. 

1) Since this new bare wood does not have the same grain do you foresee any problems?  I do plan to use the glaze but mostly only for inside corners/lines. I think this dark glaze will look awesome with the dark cabinets below. 

2) Also do I need to degloss over the KILZ application on the new wood for proper adhesion of the bond coat or KiLZ then Bond coat?  Should I use a roller for the KILZ or the brush technique they demonstate?

3) Since the crown molding is white do I need to do anything with this? Kilz or degloss for proper adhesion? - it's the standard crown molding flat white color.


I Bought two spray cans of satin finish rustoleum (paint with primer) the color is dark bronze, I plan to paint all my hardware this color (because I needed pull drawers and they are a dark bronze) but now I am concerned that this may be too light since reading the reviews that expresso is almost black.  Should I return the pull drawers and get black along with swaping out the spray color for black.. (or possibly keep what i have and only swap out the spray paint..painting all of them. 

4) So I guess what I am asking is will the dark bronze be too light for expresso?  My thought is yes?!?!


 I am not a big fan of 'A LOT" of brush (faux) mark look (but really like when it's no too busy)

5)  I think since we have builder grade oak the natural grain will come through correct?

6) and how do you think this will look if we do not have the same grain look on our new wood we are adding? my concern is getting the new fridge face to match with the rest of the above cabinets...

7)  Do you think using a brush and doing a heavy glaze will make it all look more consistent?


Last question... I promise (for now anyway).. 

8) would if be ok to use a sponge roller for the top coat so I can get it as smooth as possible (even though I'm using a brush for the base coat) ?


K.. That's it - sorry for so many questions, I have been working very hard to get things the way I want them prior to painting so I don't want to screw up my project by not thinking ahead!  So far my hubby is impressed with my carpentry this is probably due to the fact that he doesn't have to do it!!! So I want this to wok out and I'm worried..


Any help you can give will be MUCH appreciated.




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Posted 2012-12-01T03:46:04+0000  by JinaMarie JinaMarie

Hello JinaMarie.


I am so impressed with the size and scope of the project you are taking on WOW!


It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on things - so I will just add some comments to your questions here:


  1. The two different types of wood will only be an issue if you are planning on adding a glaze coat to the whole surface.  Heavy grain for instance will capture the glaze more than a smoother grained wood (like birch or pine).
  2. Kilz primer is perfect for providing a good foundation for the base coat.  You will not need to degloss this. 
  3. If the crown molding is just a prime coat then you do not need to degloss, but you will need to if it is painted.
  4. I think the Dark Bronze color will be perfect.  You want some contrast with the darker base cabinets.
  5. Oak does tend to have heavy grain expressions.
  6. Being that the fridge is a separate appliance and is clearly not part of the cabinetry - you should be fine if the grains don't match. This one is hinges strictly your preference and taste, there is no right answer.
  7. The glaze can be applied with many different techniques - the most common of which is brush on and wipe off.  Please note that patterns become unique to the person (artist) applying the glaze. I have found that when two or more are helping at this stage, noticeable differences may be apparent.
  8. Sponge roller will work great for flat areas.  First brush any details and then finish with the roller.


Please post some before and after pics and let et us know if you need any help along the way.

Keep in touch.:smileyvery-happy:


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Posted 2012-12-02T17:03:12+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thank you so much for your feedback I will for sure send before and after pics.  I will attach what I have done so far.  I will also include my faux wood beams I did, they are made out of insulation boards, black washed the grains i made and then painted horizonal.. we love how these turned out and get MANY compliments no one knows unless we tell them that they are  So attached is fridge and stove area before & after.  Please ignore the mess.  I will be replaing the stove for a black flat top insert then also replacing the counters.start of project.jpghood and fridge.jpgadded the last faux beam with track lights.jpgliving room faux beams.jpg

Posted 2012-12-02T17:53:06+0000  by JinaMarie

heres the faux beam pics that didn't come through on oringinal reply postadded the last faux beam with track lights.jpgliving room faux beams.jpg

Posted 2012-12-02T17:58:14+0000  by JinaMarie

Items still to do - replace stove, counters and do backsplash (you can see where the microwave use to be)...Kitchen Before.jpgKitchen almost complete.jpg

Posted 2012-12-28T01:49:21+0000  by JinaMarie
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