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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Bond Coat

I used the kit for one of my bathrooms and it turned out great. I would like to do another bathroom but in a different color. I still have plenty of deglosser, glaze and top coat left so don't want to purchase a whole new kit. Can I buy just the bond coat? If not, can you recommend a product that would be similar to the bond coat in the kit?

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Posted 2013-08-18T21:45:59+0000  by hgonzo hgonzo



The bond coat is not available separately. The closest equivalent would probably be the Behr Ultra Flat Enamel, which could be matched to the Transformations bond coat color. If it is one of the "dark base" colors, the actual formula can be used. The light colors are a little more problamatic, as they have different amounts of white pigment in them.


Both Behr and Transformations  are acrylic paints capable of bonding directly to a varnished surface. The Flat Enamel would also have the flat surface capable of grabbing the glaze . You might, however, want to make a test sample board to see if any variation of technique is neccessary.


If you run low on the clear coat, MinWax Polycrylic is a suitable substitute. The Transformation Glaze is available in store.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-19T05:09:26+0000  by ordjen

I know this is an old post but I ran across it while doing a search to see if I could buy the bond coat separately.  After seeing this, I went into my local Home Depot and told them what I wanted to do.  Get the actual formula for espresso mixed in Behr Ultra Flat enamel.  They told me this could not be done.  I do not need to buy the whole kit, I just need to paint a small portion of cabinets and still have plenty of the top coat left. What should I tell them when i go back and try again? Is there something I can take them so they know exactly what needs to be done?  Thanks!
Posted 2015-03-03T21:10:37+0000  by fab5
Thanks for joining The Community fab5!

Apologies for the "can't be done" comment at your local store.

It is most likely a matter of semantics.

Try this:
Instead of asking for the "actual formula for espresso," bring a sample of espresso and ask for a color match.

The Transformations base and the Behr base are uniquely different colors inside the can before adding tint. If you add the Transformations formula to the Behr can, you will create a third unique color ... most likely not very similar to Espresso.

However, we color match into Behr paints many times daily.

Be prepared with a sample of the color you want, present it to your Paint Associate, and tell them which Behr paint you would like tinted.

I hope you'll find that this pathway leads to success on your project!

Please take time to post photos here when you're done.
Posted 2015-03-05T12:29:57+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
You sort of can!!! Rustolium makes a furniture kit which is EXACTLY the same it is, just smaller.  It is about $35.  It will be in the same isle as the cabinet kit.
Posted 2016-01-24T23:08:07+0000  by NotAFan
I chose the cadet gray and it came out more blue. The box color looks more gray. I need to repaint the cabinets as this color does not match the gray in my flooring and counter. I didn’t mind the process at all so I’d like to just get a better color. Can I get  Behr or the rustoleum furniture paint color coated to do the same as the bond coat? I don’t want to spend another $80 when all I need is the bond coat. 
Posted 2019-01-27T21:07:54+0000  by NicoleCrispo
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