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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation - Glaze is crackleling

I just started my cabinet transformation and after two bond coats with all the proper steps, after I put the glaze on it crackles on part of the surface.





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Posted 2013-05-22T23:27:03+0000  by robinrenec robinrenec

Sorry about all that:smileysad:


There are a couple of reasons for the "alligatoring", but for sure it's due to one of the layers below not drying or curing completely.  It could even be from the deglosser loosening up some surface oil and it still being present when the bond coat was applied.


Either way, the solution is to sand down the texture, prime the panel or section and start all over again.  If you haven't already applied the final coat to the rest of the project - inspect each board and see if you detect any "soft" spots.  If so, then scrape them with a putty knife, sand, clean, and apply another base coat.


I feel your frustration - please don't give up.:smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-06-03T13:27:37+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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