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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation help needed



Hello,  I have a question about this product.


I went to home depot with a picture of my china cabinet and spoke to one of the sales people about getting something that would come close to the color.  He advised me that "Autumn" was really close to what I needed. I looked at the box, told him that it didnt look close to me. He says "The picture on the box isnt true to what the colors will look like and that I needed to trust him that it would be close if I used the glaze". He also said dont "freak out" when you see it first go on, it wont look like that after it dries and after you apply the glaze (keep in mind he saw an actual picture of my china cabinet). I said ok, I am going to hold you to that, we'll see.  


So I spent $75 on it...... went home... prepared 3 cabinet doors... put the first coat on, FREAKED. Calmed down, put the 2nd coat on, then the glaze. It looks NOTHING like he said it would, and not real close to what the box says it should look like either. Its a cross between a bland mid leveled  peach and a vomity chocolate with fruit punch in it, (only way I know how to describe it).


Needless to say I am not a happy camper.  My china cabinet is a cross between rust and cherry. This is not what I got.



With the above being said I have 2 questions:


1. WHo do I contact for a refund?

2. Best as I can tell, the one I need is the "rustic" color., (what I actually need is a cross between that and the cabernet but it doesnt look like you have one like that). My question is.. how do I get this automn color off my cabinets? Do I even need to worry about removing it first (meaning the color wont be any different on top of that versus ontop of the original color)?


I am going first thing in the morning to select a diff color so a quick response would be appreciated.





Very disappointed that the colors look nothing like it shows on the box or the website swatches and even MORE dissappointed that you all would not have samples of each color on actual wood set up so that folks can see them all in "real time",. The only one this store had was cocoa and it looks 4 shades darker than what the box shows.


I saw this before/after pic on the rustoleum website and really liked these but I dont know if its with or without the glaze. This would be perfect if it had just a tad more red in it



china cabinet  (it looks more red in the pic than it actually is. Its real cherry wood)





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Posted 2011-11-14T02:30:21+0000  by Kimi Kimi

Hi, Kimi.

So sorry to hear you were disappointed with the product. I can look into the refund request part of your post if you can email me your contact information & the specific location you purchased the kit from & one of our experts here on the forum will certainly post back with advice as to how you can remove the product.

- Thanks, Nicki (

Posted 2011-11-14T17:57:50+0000  by THDCustomerCare

I am currently on the phone with a rep from Rustoleum. They have opened a ticket regarding refunding me for the autumn kit and told me to let you know this. What they are having me to do is go back to the store, and have the store fax to her a copy of the receipty so that they can send me a refund check in the mail.


I also suggested to them that they create swatch cards  (like you see in carpet stores, etc) that basically have blocks of wood to show glazed/unglazed samples of each color they have so that customers such as myself who had this issue no longer have to go thru this.



Seems it happens alot and they are giving out alot of refunds because of the colors not being right.



To remove the automn product since I have not yet used a top coat, they said I could use a water based paint remover, however using a darker color such as the rustic over top should not manipulate the color on those particular doors.

Posted 2011-11-14T18:19:13+0000  by Kimi
Help!!! I have purchased the light Cabinet transformation for the Linen color. Nothing I do can give me the glazed color for linen with a solid consistency like that on the box. I always achieve something closer to the color for the pure white after glazing. What am I doing wrong? I have tried light pressure and all i get is streaks and an antique effect. Do I let the glaze dry longer?
Posted 2015-05-25T18:59:07+0000  by RedMichaels
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