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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit - top coat just ruined all my hard work!


This past weekend I bought the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit from your San Jose store.  I have spent the past 5 days cleaning, deglossing, putting on the base coat and glazing.   I followed the dry times and recommended high quality brushes exactly and LOVED the way they looked.  I used the chocolate color.  


Well this morning I just tried putting on the Top Coat and all my cabinets are ruined!  I was SO, SO careful as I had read a lot of the reviews and hints in advance.   They are streaky, uneven, ugly (and they were gorgeous!!)    This was a complete waste of so much time and money.  Can I return this package to the store I bought it from??  Obviously, a bunch of it is used but I could return what I didn't use completely.  I took a ton of before and after photos so could see the awesome transformation :-( and I am just shocked that all that hard work was for nothing.  So now I guess I have to sand all these down (trying not to ruin the basecoat) and apply a different top coat (I would NEVER try using this top coat again)!  So disappointed......

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Posted 2013-11-13T16:58:06+0000  by suesings suesings

Hi Suesings,


We are sorry to hear of your troubles with the Rust-Oleum product. Your local store will be more than happy to refund you money, just return any unused product to the store.


While you are there visit the paint department and take the photos you have so they may help determine what went wrong.


You may also contact Rust-Oleum at:




Web Address:

Rust-Oleum Corporation
11 Hawthorne Parkway
Vernon Hills, IL 60061


Posted 2013-11-18T21:08:26+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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