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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

I've read all 27 pages of questions and I think I have a question that hasn't been asked.  I am going to use this kit on my daughter's cabinets and she would like a specific color that isn't offered with the kit.  Can Home Depot tint the bond base any color I choose from a paint sample in the store?

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Posted 2013-01-09T23:45:10+0000  by TzMini TzMini

Welcome to the community TzMini this is a great question. I tried contacting Rustoleum via telephone and they are closed today. I also tried contacting them thru email waiting on a response. I’m going on the assumption here I don’t see why we couldn’t tint the kit to other colors than what is being offered on the kit already. The bond coat has to be tinted either way and they have a dark colored and light colored kit, whatever color you chose dark or light the kit should except it . I’m actually gonna try this at the store tomorrow I’m curious now. As soon as Rustoleum emails me back I will have a definitive answer.



Posted 2013-01-10T13:06:27+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

WOW! Thank you Paint Avenger!!! I LOVE the Home Depot paint department - you people are so helpful!! I'll keep an eye open for the definitive answer.

Posted 2013-01-10T15:43:22+0000  by TzMini


Paint Avenger,


Since RustOleum failed to supply actual color samples with the Transformation, I  have made samples for all the dark colors by reducing the quart formula to1/4 and shooting it into Deep Base Ultra 8oz sample jars. The deep base Transformation base coat is basically just a deep base acrylic paint.


More problematic is the light base Transformations. Without knowing just how much white pigment is already in the can, it is more difficult to duplicate a color  accurately. The light base Transformations definitely already has white in it.


In no case would I put in more pigment than a similar existing formula uses. I wouldn't want to corrupt the integrity of the paint chemistry. I see no reason why an existing Behr or Glidden quart formula cannot be alterred to shoot into the Transformations Bond Coat.


One problem is that of knowing in advance how the standard glaze color will appear on a newly devised color. Look how dramatic a change is had when the glaze goes over the Pure White color!  If using a standard Behr or Glidden color as the base, try using the glaze on a color sample card to see how it appears.


Just a few thoughts.

Posted 2013-01-12T05:09:32+0000  by ordjen

Hello TzMini


 Ordjen made a great point as far as the dark colors go,and the light colors. If you use a behr or glidden color qt size formula it can be achieved. The associate at the paint dept would have to manipulate the system,i know because i have done it for customers with primer. The way this happens is you choose your dark or light color and put it into a behr or glidden qt size formula associate takes the can sets it aside, open the box grab the bond coat open it and scan the behr or glidden qt can and the paint will be dispersed into the bond coat the associate should keep his eye out to stop the dispensing if it looks like its gonna overflow but it should not happen.


Hope Ordjen and i have helped.

Posted 2013-01-22T18:44:08+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS
I should repeat myself: At no time do I exceed the total ounces of colorant that is used in a similar RustOleum formula. Reduce the formula so as not to exceed that amount. You do not want to risk corrupting the integrity of the bond coat by putting too much pigment in. Better safe than sorry!
Posted 2013-01-23T01:32:51+0000  by ordjen
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