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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

I am refinishing my kitchen cabinets using Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Light Kit white tint.  When wiping off the decorative glaze some of the bond coat came of in the grooved areas of the cabinet.  These are older cabinets and I suspect it may have something to do with the deglossing step not being performed well enough.  Two questions:

1. Is the degloss step intended to remove paint or just clean the door (from grime and build up polish)?  In the picture shown in the dvd provided, it is hard to distinguish a difference between correct and incorrect versions of what the cabinet should look like after deglossing.

2. (Most important)  How can I fix the areas where the bond coat has been rubbed off? (I have not applied the top coat yet)

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Posted 2012-07-29T23:59:00+0000  by inlinescott inlinescott

Hello Inlinescott - welcome to the community.


   The de-glosser is designed to act as a liquid sand paper and a de-greaser/cleaner.  Sometimes heavy oils and grease deposits may become reactivated when the de-glosser is applied.   Nothing will stick to these newly activated areas and instead - they just “float” over the spots and will lift off once aggravated. 


The best solution would be to lightly sand any exposed areas back down to the existing surface, wipe again with the cleaner/de-glosser, and apply the bond coat…


Sometimes it may be necessary to re-do the whole panel for consistency and overall uniformity.


Hope this helps.


Posted 2012-07-30T13:40:04+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks PaintPro.  I am in the process of trying it.

One more question on the protective top coat:

I have heard the drying time for the top coat is very quick.  Is there anything that can be added to the protective top coat to increase the work time and help to keep the "milky paste" from forming in the crevases? 

Thanks again for the help.

Posted 2012-07-31T00:21:07+0000  by inlinescott

Sanding, Deglossing and repainting worked okay .  Only struggle was two coats bond coat was too much for touch up I think (overlap onto coated prt covered woood grain and made it look funny)  After a lot of work with the decorative glaze and dry brush I covered it up.  Thanks for the help.

Had no problem with top coat.  A Soft brush was key.  Use long strokes and minimize the number of times you move the brush over an area.  Finish with light strokes and it looks great.  

Posted 2012-08-01T03:39:04+0000  by inlinescott
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