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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

After Many Days of prep and painting,I had some lovely Expresso Cabinets...... But After Applying The protective top coat I have streaky and awful looking cabinets. I watch the video and followed all the instructions I do not understand why this happened.I am very upset after all the work and time put in this project for it too look this way . I would like to know what I can do to resolve this issue and get a refund, this is a very expensive and time consuming Product. Thanks For your Time.

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Posted 2013-12-17T14:24:33+0000  by Liberty02 Liberty02

Hello Liberty02.  Welcome to the Community!


I'm so sorry you are having trouble! :smileysad: 


Hopefully I can ease your dissatisfaction and get your cabinets looking good!


Rather than reinvent the wheel here, about a year ago an entire thread specifically on this topic was created.

You will find numerous options for resolving the streaky top coat, as well as contact information to our Customer Service team for personal service on ensuring your satisfaction.


Please click on the link below for further information:


Cabinet transformation espresso color streaky after top coat applied



Please let us know here if we can be of further service in the event you are unable to get this issue resolved.








Posted 2013-12-17T16:06:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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