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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations top coat bubblng..........

I was dead tired while reading the directions and applied the top coat with a foam roller instead of a brush and now there are little bubbles all over the place. Can someone please help me out with how to fx this?

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Posted 2012-06-29T01:59:07+0000  by Hallstar Hallstar

Hello Hallstar!


Good News!!!


Your fix is not soo difficult!


After allowing the existing clear coat to dry 72-hours, use 220-grit sandpaper to buff sand the surface. This "very fine" paper is recommended by many clear coat manufacturers whenever additional coats are to be added.


Buff sanding is not sanding down to the wood ... rather it is simply breaking the gloss on the surface enough to promote adhesion of the next layer of clear coat.


I would not recommend using a power tool to buff sand. This should be done by hand. While sanding, use your bare hand to touch the surface to ensure it is smooth before wiping off the dust and applying the next layer of clear coat.


NOTE: Whenever I am using a clear coat, I try to saturate my brush and then make long, flowing stokes in the direction of the wood grain. The back and forth strokes which most people associate with painting will overwork the poly and leave air bubbles on the surface. So, stick with long, flowing strokes and then simply leave the product alone until level and dry.

Posted 2012-07-05T13:08:03+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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