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Ryobi 40v Mower problems

     On my second mower within 6 months or so. The last had a charger issue but had to return the entire mower. The replacement charger is wigging out now. Only charges the battery entirely , to 100%, when it wants to. Another issue with all the mowers is that damn button that senses that the push bar is in place. The mower shuts off when turning to the left, as the push bar moves away from the button. I wanted to swap out the Ryobi for the EGO, as I was allowed to do with the weedwacker which had a battery problem and a charger problem, so it would have been the third Ryobi 40v weedwacker, so I payed more and stepped up to the EGO. When I called Ryobi they told me to return it to the HD where I made the purchase. I was told that the mower is "out of policy" for Home Depot, so I am stuck and not happy with this product at all. I have only used the replacement 4 times. I would like to get the phone number for the local Ryobi Rep. for the Slidell, La area. 
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Posted 2017-11-13T15:20:39+0000  by bzfshzn bzfshzn

Hello bzfshzn and welcome to the Community.


Currently, there is a Service Bulletin for specific models of the Ryobi Lawn movers that are experiencing similar problems with the power interruptions.   To find out if your mower is on that list and authorized service centers, you can contact Techtronic Industries at 1-800-860-4050, or visit online at  Be prepared with the model number and serial number that is located on the data plate on the mower. 


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2017-11-14T16:59:02+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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