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Ryobi cordless mower

I bought a Ryobi brushless cordless mover 9 months ago work fine all summer went out today to mow for first time 5his year and mower does not start.  The battery is fully charged headlights come on but mower does not start.
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Posted 2018-03-17T22:35:38+0000  by Sharb Sharb

Hello Sharb,

There are a couple of switches to insure are engaged. There is a red switch towards the bottom of the handle. If the switch is not fully pressed the mower will receive power but will not start. Also make sure the safety key has not dislodged during the mowers storage. Lastly there are handle clips that need to be in place once the handle is in the operating position. I've had a couple customers bring mowers into the store only to realize the safety key was loose and that was preventing start up.  You can also contact the Ryobi Customer Care Team at 1/800-860-4050. I hope this helps.



Posted 2018-03-19T14:22:08+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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