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I used hydrochloric acid and water to remove concrete from my tools (in a plastic bucket) but did not know how dangerous it was and how complicated the disposal process can be--first time using it obviously. It is pretty late at night and there's not much I can do but I am scared to leave it outside overnight uncovered and I don't have a lid for it
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Posted 2017-10-03T06:42:55+0000  by ktotess ktotess

Hello ktotess and welcome to the Community.


Your local municipality may have specific guidelines on how you should dispose of hydrochloric acid. Alternatively, your wastewater treatment facilities routinely use muriatic acid. Call your local facility to see if they will accept it or if they can give you direction on how they would like you to dispose of it.


Here is a website form the site that address the disposal of hydrochloric acid.


Here is a LINK to the SAFETY--Storage, transportation, handling, and disposal of Hydrochloric Acid.


You can view the following VIDEO on how to neutralize the acid by combining the HCI with baking soda to form salt water and CO2. 



Follow all the personal protection processes.  Wear all the proper eye, hand and clothing, as well as a respirator.



Thank you for your inquiry.




Posted 2017-10-03T16:25:32+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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