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Salt pool vs. Chlorine pool

Over the last couple years I have seen a mass exodus of people leaving chlorine to go with salt for their pool. With a recent purchase of a pool in the family I have learned a lot about salt pools and the benefits they bring. Lets talk about the benefits that each bring to the table.


Salt does not dissolve out of the pool, where as chlorine will dissipate in higher temperatures. Salt only needs to be added when water is lost due to rain, backwashing or water splashed out.


Because salt does not dissolve, water pH is more consistent, which in turn does not require you to have to put in all those other chemicals nearly as much as chlorine does in the fight to maintain proper pH.


The estimated cost for salt in the average summer will run you $20 - $30 where as the average cost of chlorine will run you $150 - $180. To convert your chlorine pool to salt is said to cost you an additional $1000 - $5000 depending on your pool size. This covers the cost of the salt system and the salt.


Although chlorine is a byproduct of salt, the chlorine levels are much lower which is better for your skin and wont burn your eyes like chlorine. Because of salts efficiency, there are a lot less harmful chemicals in the water which makes it more pet and people friendly.


If you let the pool go, the turn around time is quicker on a chlorine pool, for salt pools can take 1 to 2 days longer to be corrected. Because there are more ways to chlorinate your pool, weather it is by putting it in your skimmer or putting it in a floater,this makes chlorine faster with killing bacteria.


There are some misconceptions with salt pools. Yes you do still shock salt pools and you do still use alkalinity increaser and pH up and down and all the other chemicals, but you just use a lot less of them. Salt pools also do not taste like you climbed out of the ocean, for there is no salt taste.


There is a significant cost with converting your pool from chlorine to salt, the salt system is said to pay for its self within 2 to 3 years. If you put a price on your time then it will pay for its self much sooner than that.




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Posted 2011-05-19T18:21:35+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL Ingar_HD_ATL

I have a 26 x 4 foot Ester Williams above ground pool and would like to convert to a salt-chlorine generator pool. I have read these may damage pumps and filters. I am using a Hayward Perflex D>E> filter and pump.  I have seen chlorine generators for up to 18,000 gallons for$ 289.00 [chlorease] what would I have invested in salt if I went this route?


Paul Carson

Posted 2012-06-03T14:41:27+0000  by saintbreese

Hey saintbreese.


We don't sell salt systems or pumps for pools but I did call a pool dealer that sells Hayward Perflex D>E> filters and pumps and asked what else it would take to convert this pool and he told me that you could still use your pump and filter, you would just have to add a salt system which will cost you in the ball park of $800.


You would save that much in chemicals in less than 2 years and would not have to fight with always adding chlorine because salt does not dissipate.

Posted 2012-06-03T18:05:54+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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