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Sanding Old Paint

I am starting to refinish old/antique furniture pieces, many of which have very very old paint that is proving very difficult to sand.  I am very new to this, and wondered if there were any tips as far as the best sand paper to use, or if not sand paper, what sanding options would work best (i.e. liquid sandpaper, etc)?



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Posted 2012-12-06T06:26:17+0000  by lduethman lduethman

please find the attached url for your query


hope this seves your requirement

Posted 2012-12-06T10:35:51+0000  by belmanliving

Hello Iduethman and welcome to The Community!


Old finishes tend to be gummy and sanding tends to make a gummy mess.


I'd recommend a finish remover and steel wool.


Antique Furniture Refinisher.jpg Antique Furniture Refinisher is exactly such a product.

As indicated on the label, it "dissolves old finishes in minutes without stripping." And most importantly, my customers report great success removing antique and/or aged finishes.


According to the manufacturer, "Antique Refinisher can be applied with a steel-wool pad to remove oil finishes, including shellac, lacquer and some early forms of varnish, from antique furniture. The refinisher contains natural wood oils that penetrate and condition wood."


Since this product contains "natural wood oils that penetrate and condition wood," you may choose to leave the oil finish as your new finish. If you choose stain and polyurethane as your new finish, you will have to remove the oil to ensure the stain can penetrate and carry color into the surface of the wood.


When you complete rejuvinating the finish, be certain to come back and share photos as well as your thoughts about this product.

Posted 2012-12-06T14:38:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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