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Sandy Lawn

Hello Iive in florida and im not much of a garden person but I want to know what I can do far as my front and back lawn, I want to put mulch around my bushes but the area outside of the bushes are dirt with sandy feel to it as I get a lot of it at my front door but I also have the same type in my lawn in my backyard. What type of mulch is good for florida lawn as one day it can be in the 80's the next may be in the 40's also what can do about he sandy lawn as I'd like to have a nice green lawn in back,Also when I put down the mulch do I have to put the black plastic down before the mulch. What can I do to keep the lawn green it has some brown patches along with the sandy dirt.

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Posted 2013-02-27T14:07:44+0000  by micaela84 micaela84

Hello micaela84,


Welcome to the site! You can use bark as a mulch underneath your shrubs with a product called Weedstop to keep the weeds from growiing through the mulch.

The only need for a mulch for your lawn is only to cover seeds so the birds don't eat them all. A normal lawn will not need mulch for anything else.

As long as you water for 15 minutes or more one or 2 times a week the lawn should stay green if you are using a well balanced fertilizer. You can use Scotts'  or Vigaro for lawns a get a fantastic lawn.



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Posted 2013-02-27T20:32:12+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

Want a green lawn year round? Proper use of fertilizer, water is essential to amke it green. Keeping a lawn green requires routine maintenance year long and certain mowing procedures.

Posted 2013-03-05T18:45:20+0000  by belmanliving
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