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Scotts Turfbuilder Winterguard Fertilizer with Plus 2 Weed Control

Can this fertilizer be spread on newly laid St. Augustine sod?
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Posted 2016-10-14T11:31:36+0000  by Donaldholl Donaldholl
Hello Donaldholl.  Welcome to the Community!

My answer to your question has a few different parts, so let me start with the weed control issue.

St. Augustine is a southern grass which can be harmed by many common weed killers.  Typically you would use a product that contains atrazine as its active ingredient.  Atrazine kills many common weeds but will not harm St. Augustine grass.  Scotts makes an atrazine based weed and feed product.  You can find it here:


Next is the issue of NEWLY LAID sod.  Did you treat the topsoil with a starter fertilizer before the sod was planted?  If so, then you don't have to feed it again so soon.  If not, then I would recommend a light feeding of starter fertilizer to help the roots take hold, and put off any weed control for now.  If we are talking about 2 months or more then it would be OK to feed again, but not even then would it be needed yet.  In addition, weed killer on newly planted grass, or even sod, is not the best idea either.  I would consider either spot treating weeds if you must, or waiting until spring so you can get both the perrennial and new annual weeds.  You can spot treat weed infested areas with a product like this:


Lastly, it seems to me that your sod will be going dormant soon for the winter.  While the climate in NC is fairly mild, I can see at least a couple of months where you will get freezing low temperatures.  As such, I would recommend waiting until spring for both feeding and weed control unless no starter fertilizer was applied when the sod was installed.  The sod roots will need some phosphorus to really settle in well.  Most lawn food no longer has any phosphorus, but starter fertilizer will.




Posted 2016-10-14T13:59:45+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Hi Donaldholl,

Welcome to The Community! We're glad to hear from you.

Lawn fertilizer with weed control is always restricted to be used on established lawns, not newly sodded lawns. Sod that has not established a strong root system is not tolerant of harsh weed killing chemicals, so avoid their use until your lawn has become established.

In areas where warm season grass goes dormant, it is only considered established after it has been green in the area, gone dormant and revived to green again the next spring. Your lawn will be considered established next May, in North Carolina.

Wait until next spring to apply weed control. Until then, mow the lawn weekly to keep tall weeds from developing and pull lower growing weeds as much as possible.

TurfBuilder Plus 2 contains 2,4-D and should not be applied to St. Augustine grass. St. Augustine is not tolerant of that herbicide.

Instead, consider products that use the active ingredient Atrazine for weed control. IMAGE for St. AUGUSTINEGRASS is a product that can control many different weeds in your lawn. This does not contain fertilizer, so apply fertilizer separately.

IMAGE 32 oz. Ready-to-Spray Herbicide for St. Augustine Grass and Centipede Grass

Wait until next spring to apply any herbicide. When you choose one, be sure that it is labeled for use in St. Augustinegrass.

Thank you for asking,


Posted 2016-10-14T14:10:13+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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