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Screen Enclosure

I'm going to screen in an existing lanai on a back porch, the opening is 9' x 10'. I notice all the screen room framing comes in 8' lengths, what is the proper way to attach a small piece to the 8' piece to make it fit?

Thank You,


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Posted 2015-03-23T20:37:15+0000  by BruceLB BruceLB
Hello BruceLB,

There are actually a couple of options available to you. The first and most structurally sound is the screen the porch in multiple panels. Assuming the opening is 9’ high and 10’ wide you can easily do this with two panels measuring roughly 9’ x 5’. As you can see in the image below this is following with the manufacturer recommendations. To keep the view more open and unobstructed you could move the midrail (item C in the image below) to the upper portion of the frame.

The midrail serves two purposes. One it adds structural stability to the frame and screen by giving you a cross member for added support. Two it gives a visual indication that the screen is present. You’d be surprised at how fast you could forget the screen is there if you’re in a hurry or entertaining guest. I spoke with community associate Angelo and his recommendation is to place the midrail even with the backs of chairs. This will prevent furniture tips into the screen material and keep it below the eye line while sitting.

The alternative option is to piece the frame together to complete the frame as one large panel. This will require both having existing supports (post, header, etc) present to mount the EZ Screen frame to. The frame can easily be cut with a miter saw (documentation recommends a 40 – 80 tooth wood blade) and any ragged edges cleaned up with a file. While this setup will give you the most unobstructed view, being secured over a span that large gives the screen very little support. There is also the issue of unintentional walkthroughs as mentioned above. I've included a link to the install documentation below and please let us know if we can help further.


Posted 2015-03-27T17:49:16+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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