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Scrubbed Table Top


A friend and I are building a table and we were hoping to have the table top be scrubbed pine.  We like the look because it has an old worn in look, however, that being said we weren't really sure how to go about making it.  We are particularly interested in how the scrubbed look is achieved.  Is the wood stained first or painted usually?  IS the scrubbing done using a soft brush with coarse salt or a stiff brush?  We are really looking to give it the look of a really old table.  Also what kind of wood would be best for building the table top itself?  Any suggestions would be welcome.



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Posted 2012-05-22T19:50:51+0000  by dlpigue dlpigue

Is this the look you're after?


This was one suggestion found to achieve the look above:

  1. Use Minwax provincial stain and mineral spirits. Start by wiping on mineral spirits to saturate the surface. While the surface is still wet, wipe the stain over it. The more saturated with solvent, the less stain absorbed. When it dries the finish looks washed out.
  2. The next step was distressing the finish to make it look antique. Seal the piece with one coat of sanding sealer or 1 lb cut dewaxed shellac.
  3. After the seal coat dries, distress the piece to your taste. We would use awls, chains, spiked paddles, wire wheel on a drill or anything we could think of to create marks that add to the patina, and make the piece look antique.
  4. Now, wipe another coat of stain over the entire piece, followed by a solvent wipe to remove the pigment from everywhere except the distress marks.
  5. Let it dry and the piece is ready for topcoats.
Posted 2012-05-23T21:27:59+0000  by Paul
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