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Sealing basement floor with possible black mastic? Also want to level the floor once sealed.

I've found very similar posts, but nothing quite with the combination of adhesive/sealing/leveling- hopefully I didn't miss anything!

I would like to seal my basement floor as water comes up through it sometimes when it rains very heavily. My floor still has sticky black adhesive from tiles that have been taken up. Can I put a sealer over this or do I need to take it up? From reading other posts, I thought I could put a sealer right over it, but am not sure what my choices are?

I also wanted to pour a self leveling cement/something! once the floor is sealed- it this something that I can do? If so, what products do you recommend?

 I don't want to finish my basement, but want a nicer, dryer, level floor... 

What steps do I need to take or is there any other information or steps that I am missing?  

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Posted 2015-07-02T00:12:05+0000  by ldsb327 ldsb327
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I would strongly suspect that the black adhesive and/or the tiles contain asbestos.  It would be a good idea to have the adhesive tested before doing anything else.

Fixing basement moisture problems start outside the house.  Gutters and downspouts need to be clear and properly sized.  Extensions to downspouts should direct water well away from the house.  Go out side during a heavy rain storm and check to make sure your gutters and downspouts are functioning properly.  If you see water overflowing a gutter it usually means something is clogged or the gutter or downspout is improperly sized.  The ground should be graded (sloped) so that water runs away from the house.  Once you have addressed these issues, move inside.

As for some kind of coating on the floor, you're probably not going to find something that solves the problem.  It it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.  You are probably looking at adding perimeter (French) drains and a sump pit/pump.  If that's not something you want to do yourself, look for contractors who specialize in such work.

After you have the moisture problem fixed, then you can look at repairing the floor itself.
Posted 2015-07-02T13:42:48+0000  by Adam444
Outstanding summary Adam!

Hey idsb327, 

Adam's recommendation that you start outside is the best advice anyone could give!

Don't overlook the possibility of adding a "French drain" to redirect water away from your home.

In an earlier thread, my good friend Ingar (aka GreenGiant) gave a great visual on how to design a French drain.

His diagram shows connecting the gutter downspouts to the French drain with a Y-connector.

Click the link to have a look.
Posted 2015-07-02T16:31:08+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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