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Securing a pocket door

Our townhome has several pocket doors as a space saving measure.  The pull/latch on the downstairs bathroom door broke and needs replacing.  (I believe it is Model # 202846 on this site)  Getting a replacement is fairly easy, but I'm running into a new problem.  Since it is a bathroom door, it has the option to latch closed ("lock") for the individual using the facilities, which makes sense.  However, we are using the area next to the bathroom as a pet space and our wonderful puppy has figured out how to force his way into the bathroom door if it's not latched.  I'd like to go for a solution that's inexpensive and won't require major work on the door.  What I'm looking for is a latch that can be secured from both sides - perhaps with a "lock" option for the occupant side of the door.  As far as I can tell from this site, the latch/pull only comes with a latch option on one side.  Any suggestions?


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Posted 2012-12-05T20:46:58+0000  by Seacrew Seacrew

Hello Seacrew,


Welcome to the community.


There are a few different latches that will work in your situation.


Here are a couple of my favorites. One of them should work without having to modify your door very much if at all.


The first one is made by Kwikset model # 335 15 RND PCKT DR LCK. It comes in a couple of different finishes to match your other fixtures. This style is installed in the same style boring as a standard handle.

                           Kwikset Pocket Door knob.jpg


The other style is made by a few different manufactures. Here is Prime-line’s model # N 6773.  This style has to have a notch cut out of the edge of the door.


                             Pocket door mortise style.jpg


As you can see in both sets of pictures they both offer an emergency button/knob that can be turned from the outside to lock or unlock the latch. I use a coin to turn mine.


This should keep that little bundle of joy out of the bathroom.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2012-12-05T22:08:04+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Please look at the pocket door lock on web page , it is the only privacy lock that will latch without locking.


There is a second button that will lock the door, it then is unlocks when the latch button is pushed. Watch the 30second video on the web page.

Posted 2012-12-06T14:13:51+0000  by scj54327
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