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Securing wood laminate so it doesn't open up

Looking at re-doing the flooring in our upstairs living area, and planning on going with a wood laminate.  One of the problems that has came to mind is that while normally there is a small gap left at the edges for expansion, movement, etc. which is covered by the base trim and moulding along the walls.  In this case, there is an open well stairway in the middle of the floor.  I'm looking at something like Cap-A-Tread for along the edges and on the stairs going down, so that will all be glued and/or brad nailed in place.  How do I keep the boards coming up to that edge trim from shifting slightly and opening up a gap?  I could glue/nail one end closest to the opening, but then the gap would just open up in the middle of the floor, wherever that board ends - unless I tack it there as well.  Which seems to defeat the purpose of the whole 'floating' idea...?
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Posted 2016-10-04T23:27:44+0000  by memilanuk memilanuk

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Where the flooring ends around the stairwell you would use a reducer trim piece to finish off the edges. They would still allow the flooring to move when the temperature change. You never want to nail down any type of floating floor. Not only will it cause it to buckle it will also void your warranty.

Here is a link to some reducers so that you can see what they look like and how they work.

Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Posted 2016-10-07T20:53:56+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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