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Security door removal

How do you remove old security doors and frames, The screws of the frames

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Posted 2011-03-20T00:37:52+0000  by Mi Mi

Welcome to the community Mi, I’m ChrisFixit. Now let’s see if what we do about this door situation.


The security door will more than likely have security screws installed. These are specifically designed to make removal difficult, so a regular screwdriver isn’t going to be of much use in this case, but we do have some options. Depending on the type of security screw in the door you may need to pick up a specialized screwdriver from your local HD store. I’ve included a few of examples of what you may encounter.





Now that you've picked up a driver to match the screws your first step will be to remove any trim or casing from the door. A good claw hammer and/or pry bar will make this a breeze to accomplish. Before sitting the trim aside remove or hammer flat any exposed nails as a safety precaution.


Now if you can’t find a screwdriver for the specific screw in your door we have to get a bit more creative with removal.


  • One option is taking a grinding bit or file and flattening out the sides of the screw head then use a set of locking pliers to grab it and turn counter clockwise till out.
  • Another option is the use of a screw extractor. The usage directions for screw extractor kits can vary, so be sure to double check the package directions.
  • Lastly you could drill the screws out completely by drilling increasingly larger bits into the screw until it is broken out.

After removing the door and all the screws holding the frame in place the frame should pull away relatively easy with the use of a pry bar. 


Keep in mind that not all manufacturers employ the same build methods so be sure to take a good look at the project ahead of you before diving in. Also security doors can be on the heavy side so having a friend on hand is never a bad idea. If any of this doesn't apply to your particular setup or you need more detail on some aspects, don’t hesitate to come back and ask on the community. We're here and happy to assist. I hope this has been helpful.



Posted 2011-03-20T15:44:19+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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