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Sedum Tile sun/shade died.

Last spring I took a plunge with Sedum Tile and came home with 8 trays. I had put in a new walkway with pavers. I cut each tray in half laying out the 5x20 pieces along both edges. The little pieces that fell away I scooped up and placed in a container. The plantings rooted through the coco mat and took off exploding to twice the five inch width and the container cuttings grew so well I moved some them to another container. Friends and neighbors gave a lot approval and our Home Depot sold the first two racks they had in a few days. 

The plants did well till late fall when they seemingly disappeared within a few days. I don't know what happened. They were not watered excessively I tried very hard to save them and ended up with around 2 trays which are doing fine as of today Jan. 23, 17. I scooped up a few dead/dying Sedum along with the soil plastic grid and wisps of the coco mats. Home Depot stood by their guarantee and refunded the cost glad I had my receipts. 

So who can give me a hint as to what happened?  The remaining Sedum is doing OK but seems to be mostly one type Sedum as the trays of sun/shade tile came with several different kinds of Sedum for color and variety. Any help would be greatly accepted and appreciated. 
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Posted 2017-01-24T08:13:35+0000  by RT1 RT1

Hi RT1.


I see that you live in Georgia.  Sedum will go dormant and appear to die off but once the weather warms up in the spring it will return.  It is just taking a nap until the weather warms up.


There are different Sedum varieties as well.  Some prefer full sun which means 5 hours plus of sunlight like the Sedum humifusum and the bright pink Sedum spectabile variey. The alboroseum 'Lemonade” variety however prefers a dapple sun to prevent them from getting sunburn.  Sedums do prefer a well-drained soil for best growth.

The Lemon Coral Sedum does well when placed in between pavers as you have done.  It is a low growing creeping sedum that does well as a filler.


It could be that you dug up your sedum a bit early.  Since you do have some that is still doing well. It may be that cocoa mat that could cause too much moisture to accumulate around the root system, preventing the plant from becoming well drained.  The plastic container that the plants came with needs to be removed before planting.


Sun/shade descriptions refer to morning sun and then afternoon shade or a dappled sunlight. How much direct afternoon sun did your sedum receive

Planting can be an experiment and you will experience a number of trials and errors.  Micro climates can also cause issues with your plants.  In your situation, it may be very well that the ones you dug up were just resting during the colder weather.  I am glad to hear that your surviving Sedum is doing well.


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2017-01-24T18:41:25+0000  by Rick_HD_OC

Greetings RT1,


I see that Rick has already given you great advice and answered your concerns but may I ask a few questions?

I love sedum too! It grows very well in sandy well drained soil; it thrives with many hours of direct to part sun. Some sedum takes on a winter color and may appear dead but may just be dormant.

First has the weather been such that you may have applied a solvent to melt ice? The run off for any type of solvent would cause certain death to sedum in its path.

Also could there have been air pockets along the path edges that would cause a non-contact of the roots of the sedum plants to the soil? Did you remove the trays before you planted…..Just a thought!

The one thing I do know is that sedum is very easy to propagated; you will be able to start some new plants from the existing (surviving) plants, by way of cuttings. Just push clippings into a sandy growing mix and you will have newly rooted shoots in just a few weeks! You may also purchase some additional plants with the refund money, but only purchase the variety of sedum that survived and flourished from the varieties you planted.

I suggest that you give it another go…especially if you loved the way the sedum looks surrounding your new walkway… some trouble shooting and plant again! You will only know if you give it another chance.

Let us know, we look forward to hearing how things are growing!


Posted 2017-01-26T13:51:51+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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