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Selecting A Paint Sheen

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After you have picked out that perfect color for your room, the next thing you need to think about is the sheen. The sheen of the paint refers to how shiny the paint is. The shinier a paint is, the easier is it to clean. However, the shinier the paint is, the more surface imperfections will show.


Here is a chart that shows which sheen to put in which rooms and the characteristics of each sheen.



How To Select A Paint Sheen
SheenCharacteristicsRecommended Room
Flat/ Matte- Least shiny of all the finishes
- Great for low-traffic areas
- Easily touches up
- Hides surface imperfections 
- Difficult to clean 
-Rubbing with cleanser may burnish the finish
- Formal dining room
- Bedroom
- Foyer
- Hallway
- Ceiling
Eggshell- Low-sheen
- More washable than flat
- Smooth finish
- Interior only sheen
- Bedroom
- Living room
- Dining room
Satin- Easily cleaned 
- Soft sheen reflects light
- Ideal for high traffic areas
- Great for rooms with moisture
- Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Family room
- Playroom 
- Kids bedroom
- Shutters
- Doors
Semi-gloss- Can be scrubbed easily
- Ideal for high traffic areas 
- Typically too shiny for walls 
- Will highlight surface imperfections 
- Trim
- Doors
- Cabinets 
- Shutters 
- Furniture
High Gloss- The easiest of all the sheens to clean 
- Typically too shiny for walls 
- Will highlight surface imperfections 
- Trim
- Doors
- Shutters 
- Furniture



We can make any color is whichever sheen you choose.


If you have any questions about sheen or any other questions, please let us know!


Happy Painting!



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Posted 2015-05-13T14:42:22+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL Christine_HD_ATL

With the advent of Ultra, with its Nano technology, some of the past rules of thumbs are no longer hard and fast: Traditionally, at least a satin sheen paint  would be used in high moisture areas, such as baths with showers, because of its inherent better moisture resistance. However, the Ultra forms such a dense, moisture and mildew resistant paint film, that eggshell or even flat can be used in these areas. I personally have had Ultra Flat in both my baths, including the one my son likes to fog up, with excellent results.

One consideration when choosing sheens, especially in dark colors, is that the higher sheens are more burnish or scuff resistant. Lower sheens and dark colors are somewhat unforgiving. This is important in such areas ash hallways where kids and animals might be expected to brush against the walls. Eggshell and above will show less burnishing and will also be able to be cleaned without showing wipe marks from the cleaning sponge or rag.
Posted 2015-05-13T20:19:31+0000  by ordjen
How To Pick The Right Paint Sheen; details in a one-minute video.

Click the link.

Posted 2015-07-14T22:56:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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