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Self Leveling Compound for Laminate


I am installing laminate in my upstairs game room leading to the stairs. I sealed the seams and holes with floor patch, and the gaps at the base of the wall with silicone to prevent the leveler from seeping underneath the wall. Any other things I should consider to make sure I don't get leveler leaking through to the first floor ceiling?

Also, how far should I pour the leveler towards the stairs? All the way to the edge, or stop somewhere close enough to allow room for the stair nose?

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Posted 2015-08-09T17:52:29+0000  by GettingComfortableWithDIY GettingComfortableWithDIY

Good morning GettingComfortableWithDIY,

Thanks for joining us here on the community!

And also thanks for uploading images of your stairs, this makes it easier to understand your question.

For starters, if you put down the self-leveling flooring compound, it won't go down into the first floor. That is, unless you physically force in there. The key is to patiently make thin successive coats to build up the compound.

To begin, no matter which one you purchase (our brands are Henry and Custom Building Products), every self-leveling flooring compound requires you to place a latex primer that is sold beside it (if you bought it at the store). 

The bonding primer is extremely important for any floor leveler to work properly. It works by creating a  base that tacks the leveling compound going over it. It's very easy to apply with a roller or paint brush over the clean wood subfloor. 

Failure to do so can (and most likely will) lead the leveling compound to crack and fall apart within a short amount of time. The beauty of leveling compound is that you can make it as thin or as thick as you would like. 

So, place the bonding primer down first and then work in thin layers for each coat of leveling compound. If you really are ancy about it seeping into the ceiling below, you can opt for using cardboard or a paint shield to cover that area for a few hours after installation.

Lastly, depending on what type of stair nose you have will determine how/where the leveling compound will go. Know which type you have first, and then see how the leveling compound will go.

Keep us updated on your progress, and let us know if you have any further questions.


Posted 2015-08-12T14:10:23+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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