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Self made bed canopy

I want to make a canopy for my queen size bed that would hang from the ceiling. Any ideas on the best way to do it or what I would need? Thanks for the help!

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Posted 2011-01-09T03:21:34+0000  by Milissa23 Milissa23

Welcome to the community Mellissa.

   You certainly have picked a fun project to kick off the New Year. Let’s try and tackle this one together.


    There are several ways to achieve the look of a canopy bed by way of hanging from the ceiling.  The simplest method is created by attaching four sturdy “eye” hooks to the ceiling  - directly above each of the four corners of  fabric surrounding the bed.  Of course this method allows the distance between each point to sag a bit, giving a “tropical” feel to it. Use “S” hooks and thin chains to attach it all to the ceiling.


          canopy hang.jpg              canopy hang 2.jpg  





   Another possibility is to create a frame that is the same size & shape of the bed. This will provide a more structured support for the fabric to hang from. You can achieve this by making the frame out of PVC pipe and hanging it the same way you would the first method. Depending on the weight of the fabric, you might want to consider using a stronger material like copper pipe. Attach the fabric to the poles before putting the frame together. Use “S” hooks and thin chains to attach it all to the ceiling.


                                         canopy frame.jpg   


   One other method is to mount curtain rods directly to the ceiling. This will give you the freedom to slide the curtain to open and close. This technique will also save time because you can simply use regular curtains with hooks, and not have to fashion something from scratch.

As always – there are certain rules to follow:

  1. Always make sure that whatever you are using to support the structure should be strong enough to hold the weight of the canopy.
  2. Reinforce any and all brackets in the ceiling by either installing directly to a ceiling joist (stud), or by using a high strength toggle bolt with a hook.
  3.  Use materials that describe themselves as:  “industrial strength”, “heavy duty” or “high strength”.




I hope this helped you get started. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way. Please post any pics on the Forum site so everyone can follow along.

Best Answer

Posted 2011-01-09T15:07:27+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks so much for the help! I am off to get what I need to start my project.

Posted 2011-01-09T17:22:17+0000  by Milissa23

If possible, please post some pictures for us all to follow along.


We wish good luck and lots of fun on this project.


Thank you.

Posted 2011-01-09T18:00:26+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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