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Separating a large room with 2 colors?

I purchased a mess, I have a home and every single wall is the same color and it doesn't match.  The counter top is dark gray with oak cabinets and white molding.  The walls are all a light shade of yellow, actually works well against the cabinets.  The rooms, with the exception of the kitchen where I just ripped out, has laminate flooring in a light pine shade. 

I need suggestions on how to separate the entertaining room from the kitchen.  Yes this is a mobile home, and it apparently had some remodeling work done to it very poorly.  I need something to paint the kitchen that would compliment the living area while the living area might have a different color.  The walls don't have any accents to separate the 2 rooms either.
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Posted 2016-10-18T21:52:22+0000  by jtoney jtoney


Greetings jtoney.

You have not purchased a mess… have taken on a challenge! Home Depot can help you with all your questions! We would love to see some picture to aid with advice needed.

Yes!!! Paint is such a great tool to transform and define a space, and do we have colors for you! We have so much information and guidance available to you on line, not to mention all the amazing resources that are standing behind the paint desk at any Home Depot, at any time, our paint associates love helping with paint choices, bring pictures!

The paint chips and palettes are designed with suggested coordinating colors to create an easy flow of colors from room to room.

In your situation, because it seems that it may be an open floor plan and you want a distinguish definition for each space, I suggest you take a look at this link, just altering a color by a single shade will give you the suggestion of a different space but allow a flow that is cohesive. Don’t forget light plays a key role in color too!

Because it is an open floor plan I suggest that you add an accent color that is pocketed in each room to drawing your eye from room to room, connecting the space without overwhelming the color palette, just a tiny pop of color: a shelf, a box, a planter, basket you can even paint the bindings of old books the same colors and stack them in corners to bring your eye through, connecting the space.

Do you tend to gravitate to greens and blues, oranges and yellows, greys? You did say that the yellow worked well with the counter top and cabinets….so go with that as a hint.

Go a pale grey with a punch of yellow or pale yellow with a bunch of graphite grey or how about a blue… many blues and greys to choose from! Greys are the neutrals!

Find a great dish towel, valance, or toss pillow that has colors that work together, and that you are drawn too;  use that as you inspiration for a color scheme, three good, strong, colors work the best they can dictate how colors unfold.

Check out this rug as an example for inspiration:

The Portico Rug

The Portico Rug

There are so many colors to pull from, the golden yellow for kitchen, the blue accent color and all the toasted colors as a wall color for different space, or just a couple accent walls, that is a great green too!   Check out the paint chips on line and family of colors! 

Pick up the paint sample size in any colors as Char suggests below, the sample provide enough paint to envision the room!

A rug can be in the living room and the colors can still inspire the kitchen!

We have an app for even more help!

I am excited for you!!  The challenge is on!!! Please share some pictures I cannot wait to see your treasure uncovered!   Maureen


Posted 2016-10-20T14:06:04+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Hello jtoney and welcome to the Community.

To add to Maureen’s great suggestions here are some more thoughts.

It is very common for a home seller to put a fresh coat of neutral color paint on all the walls.  By doing so they remove the influence of their own personal taste and give the space a clean sprucing up appearance.

So now it is your turn to express yourself in your new home.  I would suggest that you visit your local Home Depot Paint department where you will find several tools for choosing the perfect color.

First you can explore your options using color chip cards that will present four or five shades of a color family.  You will see literally hundreds of colors, with complimenting shades.


Next, after you have narrow down your selections, you can have 8oz. paint sample mixed.  Use these paint samples to see how they actually looking in your room, beside your cabinets, floor and countertop.  You will be able to make the perfect selection, while investing a small fraction of the cost, compared to purchasing a full gallon.


One of the easiest ways to visually separate two rooms is with a straight line, where two colors meet.  To do this I would suggest using a special masking tape like Frog Tape.

You said that the kitchen floor is a light pine laminate.  If you have a different type of flooring in the entertainment area of your home. This transition point may be a good place to separate the wall colors between the areas.



Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-10-20T14:38:19+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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