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September Kids Workshop

The September Kids Workshop at the, West Roxbury Home Depot, was very busy. The new school year is upon us, and Saturday sports are ramping up, schedules are chalked full of activities for everyone. Keeping track of day to day happenings is a lesson in time management.


The project for this month’s Kids Workshop, was a white board, “the perfect project” one mom told me, “great for jotting down reminders for the kids”. The kids also loved the project, I could see them practicing their letters and numbers, writing their names and holding them up high and proud!


The first Saturday of every month brings grandparents, moms, dads, and kids of all ages to this wonderful workshop. I had a mom ask me “Do you guys really do every month”?  Yes! Every Home Depot across the country holds a Kid Workshop the first Saturday of the month, there are hammers swinging around the nation simultaneously, producing great projects, a grand sense of community, and lots, and lots of smiles!

So write this down on your white board, and make it part of your schedule…Home Depot-Kids Workshop-1st Saturday of the month!

Just like this trio of handsome brothers wrote:  Home Depot Rocks!

Come on by and check us out, Maureen

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