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Septic leach clean-out pipe hit when landscaping

I was having an area dug out and leveled for my son's new swing set. When digging the landscaper hit a leach bed clean out pipe. He finished the landscaping and put in the mulch. He dug down about 1 to 1.5 feet. I thought the area he was digging was far enough away from the field, but apparently not. What steps should I take?
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Posted 2015-06-10T23:39:03+0000  by rcsmith rcsmith
Hello rcsmith.  Welcome to the Community!

First off, is it fair for me to assume that the landscaper made sure that the pipe was not damaged, or that repairs were made to it so that it would still do its job?

If so, then it sounds like the area where the swing set lies is now somewhat lower than it originally was but that the leach field piping is still well below ground level.  What I would look out for is whether the septic system drainage percolates to the surface at the new swing set area.  The system is supposed to slowly drain effluent down into the ground.  If it still does so then I don't see any problem.

If you are getting sewage effluent puddling, then the leach pipe feeding that area will have to be shortened or reconfigured in some way so that this no longer happens.


Posted 2015-06-12T14:36:47+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hi rcsmith!

I would add to Chris' recommendation to involve the landscaper in the repair.

Repair couplings are manufactured for most pipes.

Carefully inspect and photograph the pipe with a ruler in the photo.

Then enlist help from your local Plumbing Associate to identify the correct repair coupling as well as the correct glue for that type of pipe.

Wear protective gear while managing this task and disinfect all of your tools and clothing following the repair.

While this may go forward as one of your least favorite repairs of all time, it is certainly necessary for "health and safety" reasons.

Licensed plumbers are well equiped to manage this type repair.

If in doubt, bring in a pro.
Posted 2015-06-23T23:27:32+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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