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Setting Spring Tension Rods

A user on our community,  vallih, recently reached out to me with a question on how to install a decor item. Since it's something that we haven't yet gone over on the community, I thought it would be something good to share with the rest of you...


Re: Levolor Spring Tension Rods

There are no instructions on how to set the spring so it will work. Can you tell me how to do it?

Spring Tension Rods, if you've never come across them before, are an easy drapery hardware solution to hanging light drapes & curtains.The best part is that they easily telescope to larger widths as well and hold quite well against nearby walls or over trimwork.




Since it would be a bit odd describing how to use the tension rod, I figured it would be a good instance to use my video prowess and show you really quickly how to operate a tension rod.



Hope that gets you started on your project, and answers the question to any future users looking for help with it!~

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Posted 2011-10-21T19:57:45+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI Jay_HD_CHI