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Setting/connecting concrete pavers that have a sand base

I have sixteen 16x16" concrete pavers, 2" deep, set on a base of sand and polymeric sand, then white rock in between 3" joints spaces.  I don't want/like the rock look and want to take them out and put in a grey cement, concrete, grout, or morter.  The problem now is the sand base and whether the pavers will move and crack if I use any cement, concrete or similar joint material.  Is there anything like a dry concrete or cement mix I can use to put between the pavers and set them similar to the 'wet to set' polymeric sand process?  Or anything?  Thanks for any help.  I love the pavers, hate the rock, it spoils the whole look.



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Posted 2013-07-27T12:44:44+0000  by Dedonut Dedonut

Hey Dedonut.


I suspect that if there was a product that you could put between the pavers and add water to that it would probably not match the color of your existing pavers. Even then, I do not know of such a product. If these pavers were 2 wide and 8 long, then you would have to cut expansion lines to keep them from cracking and it would have the possibility of looking improvised.


I was wondering if it would just be better to buy a few more 16x16 stones and move them all together.


What pattern are these stones in? A line of 16 or 2 lines of 8?

Posted 2013-07-28T19:22:04+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks for the response.  They're 4 pavers across and 4 down with 3" joints in between.  The overall space doesn't look good squeezing 5 pavers down and would still have 4 across.  It's a space in the deck vacated by an old spa.


Could I use something like a backer rod along the straight joint lines and then use a self-leveling sealant?  Dark or light gray color would be just fine.

Posted 2013-07-28T19:29:11+0000  by Dedonut

Hey Dedonut.


I am not following you with "backer rod".


Self leveling sealants are only really made to be thinner coats and if too thick, would not dry.


Could we just cut some more pavers to fit with a paver saw?

Posted 2013-07-28T19:40:58+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Everything is in and down and I don't have the where-with-all to cut 2" concrete pavers.  If I clean out the sand and rock that's between the pavers, from what I've read (and I'm a real 'newbie' at this) backer rod can be used to fill in all the joints as a stable base to fill in the joints (as opposed to sand).  Can I then use something like Rapid Set Cement All and fill the joints level to the pavers?


Posted 2013-07-28T22:31:48+0000  by Dedonut
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