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Shady Lawn

I have a large hilly yard that is shaded by very tall trees therefore the grass is patchy and thin... How do I grow thick healthy grass in the shade?

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Posted 2011-06-03T13:48:58+0000  by slj83 slj83

Hi slj,


I'm Travis from The Home Depot in Atlanta.


Trees and lawns are kind of like siblings, they live together but don't always get along. Trees prefer acidic soil while grasses typically require neutral soil pH.


The shade produced by the trees is the main issue. If the trees are tall enough to allow enough sunlight to reach the soil, grass can grow there. Pine trees allow about 50% of light through, while hardwood trees only allow 30% of the light to shine through. Space between trees will allow for grass to grow.


Residential lawns offer many different conditions that can make it challenging to grow a lawn. The Home Depot offers grass seed blends to accommodate these situations. We have grass seed from Scott's, Vigoro and Pennington Seed companies that are blended to excel in full sun to dense shade conditions.

Pennington dense shade.jpgScott's Grass Seed.jpgVigoro Grass Seed.jpg


Fescue is usually the choice for shade tolerant lawns, but the Certified Nursery Consultant  at your local Home Depot garden center can help you with any other options in your area.


Fall is the best season for seeding fescue, so apply lime to the areas that will support the grass. Aerate, fertilize with starter fertilizer and plant seed this fall.


Your neighbors will be envious next spring!




Posted 2011-06-03T14:57:01+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

 Great response LawnRanger!   The only other thing I would recommend is  fertilizing in the spring and fall, before leaves emerge or after they drop. Use Winterizer as the last feeding to aid stress tolerance.

Posted 2011-06-13T19:00:45+0000  by scottslawns
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