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Shingle Hoist


Does Home Depot have an apparatus classified as a shingle hoist, shingle lift or power ladder for rent? I am sure there are 6 other names for it as well! :). With that being said, I will give a brief description as of this apparatus. Basically this tool is a aluminum extension ladder with a tray and electric motor. The concept is to place the bundle of shingles onto the tray press a button and the tray will go up the extension ladder until reaching the roof. Once at the roof someone can either unload the bundle onto the roof or the user can go up a second ladder unload the bundle onto the roof. Once unloaded then press the down button to bring the tray back down to the ground to have another bundle placed on the tray to be brought up the roof.

Thank you in advance!
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Posted 2013-05-29T23:19:43+0000  by Bupala Bupala

Rental tool availability is going to vary based on location.  Call your local store.

Posted 2013-05-29T23:31:17+0000  by Adam444
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