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Shipping container home electrical installation.

Hey! I am planning to build a home with shipping containers. It's not my primary home, but mostly a vacation home which I am also planning to rent out. I have heard that shipping container homes are good, but there are possibilities of problems with electrical installations. Can I get any advice on it to nullify the chances of a possible electrocution? Thanks in advance.
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Posted 2017-01-24T06:18:19+0000  by joey001 joey001
I know nothing about using shipping containers as housing but as with everything else, the applicable electrical code set forth by the municipality where the residence is located would have to be followed.  Some places leave the NEC alone but many make local changes and because you're planning on renting the "building" you probably can't do the electrical work yourself. 

The bigger problem might be getting approvals.  Since the use of shipping containers for housing is somewhat limited the local authorities might not have much experience with them and would want to proceed cautiously.  It would probably be a good idea to talk to them well in advance and see what requirements they may have.  Working with a local electrical contractor who has a good rapport with the building code enforcement department would probably save some headaches too.

Posted 2017-01-24T12:55:28+0000  by Adam444
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