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Shoe Organizers: Find a System that Works for You (Part One)


I remember nearly gasping when I saw Carrie Bradshaw’s penthouse redo from the Sex in The City movie.  She walks into a shining white wonderland of storage extravaganza that radiated sheer organization.  The pièce de résistance - at the end of the closet - was the lighted glass organizer waiting to display her designer footwear. 


Even though I do not have the time, money or space to recreate that closet, I can enjoy being organized and stylish down on the ground floor.  I have spent nearly every free minute of the last few months decluterring and creating working organizer systems.  Now that this project is complete, I can assure you that every minute spent organizing makes your day calmer and less stressful.  Making sure that “everything has a home” makes it easier to find exactly what I need when I need it.  The problem was finding a place for everything  and making it work in my home!  I have a number of great ideas to share with you to help get your shoes ready for anything.




1. Store ALL Your Shoes


The first step – and the hardest step – is finding ALL your shoes!  Take them out of their boxes, bags, from the back of all closets and under the bed.  Line them up in pairs.  Remove all shoes that do not fit, are not needed, or will not be worn again.  Remove shoes that belong to other family members.  What is left are YOUR shoes.  Separate the shoes into categories: boots, dressy, work, casual, exercise and whatever other categories apply.  Now decide where the shoes will be stored.  Will the snow boots be stored near the door at the start of the winter season?  Will the special occasion shoes be stored in clear totes?  Will the work shoes be stored in front or top of the organization system for easy access?  Determine where you will store your shoes.


Special Note: Now is a good time to inspect your shoes and determine if any need to be repaired, reheeled or polished.   I also assembled all the creams, polishes, shiners, cleaners, brushes and towels that I use and stored them together in a special clear tote.  This tote is located near my shoes for easy touch-ups.  Organized and shiny shoes are now the norm not a dream!





2. Add or Adapt Existing Closet Organizers


Shoes can be stored on a closet hanging system, over the door, or on racks.  Existing wire or wood closet organizers can be modified to incorporate more shoe storage space.  You can design the system yourself or receive expert design assistance from our closet system brands.





3. Shoe Towers Move the Shoes Where Needed


Have wheels will travel – all over the house!  Shoe towers have optional wheels that allow the tower to be located where needed.  A shoe cabinet splendidly showcases shoes and accessories.  This is a great idea for rooms with more floor space and limited closet space.



4. Lazy Susan Storage for Upward Shoe Mobility


Want to make a lazy susan shoe rack?  Maximize storage spaces in extremely tight places and create a shoe rack as tall as needed.  Adding casters allows the shoe rack to turn easily and be positioned where desired. 



5. Crown Moulding for Your Royal Slippers


Loft and condo spaces can be quite tight on floor space – so follow the concept and expand up.  Our post, High heel shoe rack made out of molding, allows you to store heeled shoes on the wall and create as many rows as necessary.  Be sure to nail the moulding into a stud, or like Cinderella at midnight,  your shoes will come tumbling down. 




6. Seasonal Shoe Storage


Get ready for the winter season by cutting round wooden dowels into 8 inch lengths and closely mounting into a 2x4 board cut to fit your space.  Sand the dowels, stain if desired, and then apply 2 coats of urethane.  The dowel spacing should be adjusted depending upon the boot size; smaller boots fit between closer spaced dowels while larger boots require wider spacing.  Add another row of pegs above the boot row for wet hats, mittens, and gloves.  Be sure to place a plastic container under the racking to catch melting snow from dripping goulashes.   (For faster drying time, consider using a glove, shoe and boot dryer.)


I would love to hear about your experiences with shoe organization.  Be sure to check out Part Two, which discusses hidden places where extra storage can be found – often in the most unlikely locations.  

Want more? Check out Part 2: Shoe Organizers: Hidden Places for Shoe Spaces.

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