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Shorten a hollow core door

Is there a way to shorten an interior hollow core door? We need to put up a new door for an elderly neighbor but door opening is only 75 in. tall.
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Posted 2011-11-20T02:51:19+0000  by tnmeg tnmeg

Hey tnmeg.


Where as shortening a hollow door is not exactly ideal, it is often done when times call for a shorter door. I have done this one time before and have seen it done often. The door is surrounded by 1 inch boards, and therefore you will need to mark where you are going to cut on the door (dotted line). Make sure that if it is a panel door that you are not within 1.5 inches from a panel, otherwise you will have to split the difference on the top and bottom. 


Make your cut with a fine tooth blade in your circular saw or jigsaw to insure a smoother cut. Now that you have cut the bottom off, you will need to get the bottom support board out of the scrap and put it back in the bottom of the now shorter door with wood glue and a few finishing nails.


shortening door.JPG

Posted 2011-11-20T16:08:01+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
This method moves the door knob down by whatever height you cut off the bottom of the door. Why would you not take the extra length off the top? And if you would remove it from the top, how would you handle the door frame? Thanks in advance!
Posted 2013-02-25T19:07:55+0000  by MrCranky

Hey MrCranky.


The structural integrity will not be quite as good as it was before you cut the door, therefore if there is only a couple inches to remove, I prefer to take them off the bottom. As long as your door is not dragging the ground then nothing will be pulling on the modification where as if your cut is on top and not cut perfectly, the door jamb can pull it apart over time.


If it is a panel door, you may need to split the difference to make it not look too odd. If you are removing more than a couple inches on your door then it would benefit you to remove it from the top. If your door jamb already has a hole drilled in it where the striker is then you will also need to remove it from the top.


I guess I could have been more clear. Thanks for the question.

Posted 2013-02-28T16:26:15+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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