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Shortening 2.5" ***PREMIUM*** horizontal blinds

I've watched Mr. Jay's video several times. It is very informative, but it unfortunately does not apply to the premium blinds. The premium blinds have no holes, for privacy they say, and the strings are not as shown on his video. These premium blinds do however feature an infinitely more complex system of threads. These threads I've since learned are designed to ensnarl and entangle themselves on whatever fool tries to cut them or attempt to alter their divine organization. Today that fool was me.


I sit here now with one $80 blind in the trash and a second, successfully shortened and hung, but with the bottom rung gimpy and loose as though suffering from some undescribed Venetian palsy. It does not tilt when the others tilt; it twists and turns to the beat of its own drummer. It will soon join its fallen comrade and the two of them can march together to the city dump where they'll lie crooked and uneven for the rest of time.


I am no stranger to following instructions. (In fact I've been employed for about seven years as a translator and editor of instruction manuals for consumer products.) I had no trouble following the instructions for these blinds. The instructions though do not lead one to a successful ending. They drop off with no advice once the ladders have been trimmed and the remaining vertical strings are there with dozens of loose loop and ladder ends. The ends of the ladders cannot be tucked back into the bottom caps because they contain a collection of loose, twisted threads which even a kitten would run from.


I have two more of these blinds which were trimmed at the store so are unreturnable, but are much longer than needed, as I was expecting to be able to shorten them. Any advice on how this is done?





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Posted 2011-10-19T04:05:35+0000  by JohnHenry JohnHenry

Hey there JohnHenry,


Welcome to the community!~

Glad to hear that you liked the video! I love making them and hopefully everyone else finds them as informative as you did = D


There most certainly are a few differences between these new Premium Faux Wood blinds, and the traditional 2" Faux wood. Aside from the obvious cosmetic differences, there are also some different ways in which you can actually shorten them down.


Now I love following directions as much as the next person, but after a certain amount of time working with blinds, I've started to come up with my own "shorthand" ways of shortening down if you will. So the way that I've found works best for me is a bit different than the instructions list, and hopefully it's easier for you to follow as well!


I made a video going over how to shorten these exact style of blinds, and yes, it was made just for you friend.



Now as you can see, It did go a bit of a different direction than the instructions. In my method, I do remove the excess ladder and pull string from the blind so that we don't end up with, as you say, "threads a kitten would run from." I certainly don't want that...I'm a friend to all cats, especially my friend Captain Whiskers!


Captain Whiskers.png


My tool list for this project:


I hope that this helps you get back on track for shortening them down! If you have any more questions on it, feel free to post a reply back and I'll help walk you through it more. = )

Posted 2011-10-21T20:23:22+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI


I have watched both video's on how to shorten blinds but neither videos address the type of blind that were installed in my home before I purchased it.  The type of mechanism on my Home Depot blind is a small roller ball that the cord is wrapped around.  I found a date of creation on the blind of '2007'.  I have been successful at shortening all of the other blinds in my home but this one is very different from the others.  Advice?

Posted 2013-04-03T14:49:59+0000  by thebanks61

Hi thebanks61,


Thanks for joining our community!~


Great to hear you've watched through my videos, but not so great that they weren't as much of a help to you.


Would you be able to post up some pictures of the blind in question? It's difficult to try and guess at it just based on the information you posted, but if you could I can look into it further.


Also, if you can find a manufacturer name and model #, that would be extremely helpful as well. Often times these are present on the inside of the headrail at the top of the blinds. If you can get a hold of those, we'd be in great shape!~


Look forward to hearing back from you soon!~ = )

Posted 2013-04-05T20:21:58+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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