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Shower and Tub Removal and Installation

I just bought a new condo and its a fixer upper, but the bathrooms especially need some help. I have two full bathrooms one with a tub and a shower and just one with a small shower stall. There are some pipe problems in the back of the tub and I really just would like to replace it but I don't even know where to begin in taking a tub out.


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Posted 2011-01-24T20:00:35+0000  by amcapd amcapd

Hey amcapd,

Welcome to the community and congrats on your new condo!


My first suggestion to you would be to reach out to your condo association (if you have one) prior to any major remodeling. I'm saying this from my personal experience. They may have some limitations on work days and hours and in addition to that you may have to call their personnel to shut the water off to the bathroom.


Where to begin?


Before you start with demolition have a respirator, gloves and safety goggles ready.


Start off with measuring old tub and ordering a new one, pay attention to the drain side when placing an order and keep in mind that some bath tubs need to be special ordered.


Cover the bottom of the drain opening with a cloth or duct tape to prevent a debris from falling in.

Protect the surrounding areas and remove bathroom fixtures that could be on your way during demolition.

With water and power off (power to the jet tub) and surfaces protected you can go ahead and remove tiles and tile backing.


Prepare for tub removal and clean out accumulated debris.

Some bath tubs have access panels to the drain. If this is your case disconnect the drain from the tub otherwise take caution during removal and try not to damage sewer lines.

Remove all of the nails holding a tub flange.


If this is a cast iron tub note that they can weigh up to 300 lb and that you will need to get three Olympic weight lifters to get it out of the bathroom.

If you don’t have any weight lifters available you can also break it up in pieces with a 20 lb sledge hammer.

Cover the tub with a wet blanket to prevent chips from flying around and hit the side of the tub that is closest to the drain. The goal is to brake a  tub apart  in big chunks.

cast tub.jpg


As far as the tub installation goes there is a great post from my fellow associate Ask_Mr_Jay that you can refer to, see attached link:


Installing a steel bathtub

Posted 2011-01-24T21:54:38+0000  by George_HD_CHI

I  think I'm a little to old to do it;  I need to be able check out installers

Posted 2013-07-18T22:50:33+0000  by boyspap19391937
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