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Shower kit installation

I am planning to redo my shower with a kit.  I currently have an old tiled shower.  I am looking for some tips on both what needs to be done and what to avoid. 



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Posted 2010-11-30T09:03:50+0000  by llama llama

Hey llama, thank you for your question and welcome to the community.

Shower kits are great and DIY friendly products that can transform your bathroom in one day. There are few things though that you need to pay attention to before you start off with your project. First measure your old shower and ensure that they do have available shower kits in the same size. Some tiled showers are framed on the spot and built to fit the bathroom layout. You can usually tell if the tiled shower is standard or non-standard size if looking at the base, if they have used a prefabricated base then most likely that same prefabricated base is standard and available in shower kits. But if they have finished a base with tiles than most likely you are looking at the custom shower.


Old tiled showers are usually built in one corner of the bathroom and they have their plumbing run on the interior separation wall. Plumbing codes vary throughout the country but most of them do not allow plumbing on exterior or outside walls. The reason for that is freezing and accessibility and most common mistake people do is they take the separation wall down, decide to go with a corner shower unit and place their plumbing on exterior walls. 

Something else you need to think about is the shower drain, when retrofitting old shower, drain it is not going to be centered anymore and this can get complicated if the shower is on the “concrete” level. It is still very common to use a cast iron pipes for the underground plumbing and they can sometimes be difficult to change, difficult because you may need to saw and break concrete.


What’s important about new shower installation is that it is very important to have clean and plum walls. Ideally you should  use a cement board for your walls tape the joints and corners and  use plenty of the adhesive. I 've also attached a link to my old post about shower installation and a link to step by step shower installation guide that you can refer to.

Good luck with your project and don’t hesitate to ask more questions.


Posted 2010-11-30T17:36:38+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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