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Shower tile and shower base

I want to remove shower wall tile and shower base.  Then I want to remodel shower with tile on the floor and walls then finish the shower with new shower heads, handles, and shower door.  What tools will I need to remove tiles and shower base?  Then what tools will I need to put up new tile on walls and floor?  I own a full set of hand tools and cordless drill with a variety of bits.  I believe that I have a intermediate skill level, I've replaced toilets, garbage disposals, OTR's, and dishwashers.  The shower base is 31" X 46".  The walls are 80" in height.  There is a shower seat that's 12"deep X 31" wide X 14" high, just to give you a rough idea of the over all shower size.  Lastly the home is 10 years old and Momma wants a make over.  Any suggestions?
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Posted 2015-03-19T17:02:22+0000  by shong1387 shong1387
I'd say you're going to graduate from from the intermediate class to the advanced class of DIY projects.  I would strongly suggest doing a lot of reading and have a good plan before starting because mistakes can be frustrating and expensive.  I would gut the existing stall back to the studs.  Trying to save the existing substrate isn't worth the effort and it gives you an opportunity to inspect for any damage.  You can pop the existing tiles with a stiff putty knife and hammer or just have at things with a big ole hammer.  Obviously, you'll want to wear eye protection!  Assuming the existing shower base is some kind of acrylic/fiberglass you should find nailing flange behind the wall.  Pull the nails/screws or cut it out with a reciprocating saw.  You want to be careful not to damage any of the existing plumbing.

Traditionally a mortar pan was formed for a tile shower base.  Basically it's a layer of mortar, a plastic liner, and an another layer of mortar.  

There's some skill involved because you need to slope the mortar properly so that water runs to the drain and the whole thing needs to be reasonably flat so you're tile sits properly.  

Now several manufacturers are offering preformed pans made of essentially dense Styrofoam.  They also offer entire waterproofing membranes that go right up the wall, over the curb, etc. to ensure that water stays in the shower.


If it was my shower, I'd be taking a good look at the preformed systems.  Schluter is one company that makes such a system and they have some pretty good information on their website including videos to give you an idea of what's involved.
Posted 2015-03-20T12:55:17+0000  by Adam444
Hi shong1387,

One of our Product Experts, ChrisFixIt, has answered your question with step-by-step instructions.

When you wonder "How To," Chris is among the most skilled DIY instructors to whom we could refer.

Click the link for his step-by-step instructions.
Posted 2015-03-31T22:47:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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