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We recently just moved to California so im not sure on the flowers here

we have dafodils on the side of our house. They are now dead due to winter. What do i do with them do i pull the whole thing up or leave the buld there and it will come back?


We also have 2 rose bushes that look dead do I just cut the dead part off and continue to water or what do I do with that?

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Posted 2015-12-30T22:12:20+0000  by JMosier JMosier
Hey JMosier.

I see that you are in California. Your Daffodil bulbs will come back up in February or March. You do not ever need to pull them up. Here is some info to help clear up other bulb questions.

Planting and care for your fall bulbs

Your roses are just dormant right now and should be pruned back in February, right before they start to bud out in the spring. Here is a helpful article to help you better understand Roses.

How and when to prune Roses

Posted 2015-12-31T20:02:00+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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