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Silicone Bracelets



I'm wondering if there was any way you could think of making silicone bracelets at home.  Looking around I notice a how-to video on making bracelets with GE 2x stretch silicone (silly bands type).  Could you possibly use this in a mold to make silicone bracelets such as these? (http://www.promotional-gifts-inc./com/upload/upimg8/Silicone-Bracelets---Printed-2988.JPG)  Would it be the same as what I saw in this ( video or would you have to alter the amount of time to cool, or would it be a method that would just not work?  I am interested in this because I would like to make custom bracelets for myself and friends, but find that any sellers are selling at prices ranging from $5-$10 a piece unless you buy 100+ bracelets.  


If there are any other ideas on how to make these types of bracelets, please share with me your ideas!


Thank you,


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Posted 2012-03-23T06:05:57+0000  by Shadoe Shadoe

Hello Shadoe,


Welcome to the community.


Thank you for watching my video on Silicone Bracelets.


I would love to tell you that I have a solution but unfortunately I have not figures one out yet. I too would love to make personalized bands. My daughter and I both wear them to support a variety of cause.


Those types of bands are made with an injection molding machine.


I guess if you could figure out a way to make a mold and a way to make sure that the GE 2X stretch silicone would release from the mold it would work. The only thing that I would worry about would be air bubbles. Since the silicone is not being injected under pressure I think the chance of air bubbles are very likely. Even with the type of bracelets that I make if there are any bubbles they break really easy. :smileymad:


I will keep a look out for any ideas on how it could be done. If I find anything I will make sure and let the community know.


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2012-03-23T15:44:23+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Would you be able to use something like a silicone baking mat? Cut it into strips, sand down the ends to a taper and then use contact cement to glue the tapered section of the ends together. Decorate with some colored Sharpies...


silicone band.jpg

Crude drawing, but hopefully it gets the idea across.


When you cut the mat, you'll want to put a metal straight edge on top of the mat and apply pressure as you cut. That should help keep the mat from squirming around too much and give you a straighter band.

Posted 2012-03-25T14:27:38+0000  by Paul
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