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Silicone Caulk Removal

Help! I recaulked my undermount kitchen sink after it started cracking in less than a year after installation only to find out that it needs to be removed and remounted. I now have silicone caulk on my cast iron Kohler sink and cannot get it off. Any suggestions would be appreciated that will not harm the sink. Thanks!!!
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Posted 2015-08-08T15:31:15+0000  by megtrauth megtrauth

Hello Meg! 

Thank you for your question! 

Since you are removing silicone caulk from a cast iron sink, I would suggest not using a chemical. A good ole fashioned razor blade will be the best thing to use. Just be sure not to dig into the sink, as the cast iron can be easily damaged. 

Have a great day! 


Posted 2015-08-08T18:56:48+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
Hi megtrauth!

You are among countless DIYers who need to remove silicone caulk every year.

Goof Off Foam and Silicone Caulk Remover is your best bet to re-wet the existing caulk; which will make it easier to cut free.

Be very careful working is small spaces with a razor blade!

When you encounter a particularly difficult spot, resist the urge to use your free hand to secure the area where you are cutting.

Silicone caulk dries to form a strip of rubber. Re-wetting this rubber seal may take several applications ... wait five-minutes between.

Use Loctite Epoxy to secure your sink back to the counter top.

It is rated for 3,500 pound per square inch.

Mix the two-parts thoroughly, spread a generous amount on the sink flange, and support the sink firmly in position overnight.
Posted 2015-08-11T13:07:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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