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Silicone adhesive and toilet tank lid

Yesterday I purchased a new toilet (on sale) at the local Home Depot.  The toilet tank lid has been sealed on with silicone.  (So far, it appears to be a mostly solid bead all the way around.)  Can't get much of a utility knife in there to cut it.


Any recommendations for how to get this lid off without breaking the porcelain?

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Posted 2013-01-13T19:31:36+0000  by towntw towntw

You could try a retractable utility knife. I believe they will extend out to 3 inches.  You will have to be very careful and be aware that they have "breakable" points throughout the blade that are designed to snap off. Because of this you should wear safety glasses.  





Once open - the silicone can be removed with a chemical remover.


I think the silicone on the lid might be from it being an in store display. 

Posted 2013-01-13T19:54:30+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Recently I had this same problem. The stores display models have the tank lids secured with silicon or some other caulk. It is very difficult to get calk or silicone remover down and up, to losen the seal. Here is what I did an it worked for me. I took two wooden shims (the kind you buy for installing door jams or windows) and I placed one shim or wedge at each front edge of the lid and I gently hammered the wedges until they wer tight. The next day I tapped them again, the third day the lid came loose. I did pour some liquid silicone remover around the seam but I do not think it did any good. The liquid did not seem to seep up to the silicon. I think the gentle pressure for a long period of time, loosened the seal. Good luck and be sure to not strike the tank or lid with the hammer.

Posted 2013-12-20T00:53:41+0000  by radios
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